Blow Whistle App Reviews

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No animation on the whistle and it only has one pitch. You can't blow harder or softer.

Control whistle control

To be a five-star app if I can control how many blows of the whistle there were or the decibel loudness of it aside from just the volume but you cannot control how many blasts is for whistle blasts no matter what and I just want one


Whistle starts and then won't stop no matter how many times you hit the silence button. I imagine that was meant as a joke??? Why is it no one can just make a simple app that will allow you to push a button and make a whistle sound that stops when you release the screen button??!!!

It ok

It's not the best thing on the earth but don't waste your money

Just ok...

This app would be great if you had the option to turn off the "blow" choice as well... Just holding the phone caused it to constantly whistle, which wasn't helpful when using it to start a PE race! Even with the sensitivity bar, it was either all or nothing.

Not very loud

Works fine but wish it would be WAY louder. Didn't help outdoors


This app is just an annoying sound maker.


Most annoying app ever created. I'd compare it to the grenade whistle from da shore

Lost some friends because of it

Amazing app and really does what it says, but I lost friends because of the noise it makes.


Most amazing app I've downloaded, Andrew your smart as Einstein congrats

Does what it says.

Sensitivity could be stronger, even with the adjustment bar, but it does what it says.

Great App!

Really annoying noise, perfect for annoying anyone!! Thanks a lot!

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